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Guided Journaling Unlocks Your Path to


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What makes us special?

  • Luxurious spiral-bound guided journal
  • Tracks daily habits for improved mindfulness and mental wellbeing
  • Undated planner divided into monthly sections
  • Helps track productivity and overcome procrastination
  • Features intention setting, self-care ideas, and routine trackers
  • Regular journaling promotes relaxation and gratitude
  • Just a few minutes a day can improve productivity, gratitude, and mindfulness
  • Encourages self-love and empowerment
  • Makes an excellent gift for friends, sisters, moms, or girlfriends
  • Available in blue or pink to suit any aesthetic


  • Lourdes

    "I was pleasantly surprised to see such a well written journal. I was going thru the journal and it made me feel like it was written just for me. Kiddos to the author. It’s so important in this day and age to have self care. Give yourself permission to do so! You are worth it. Highly recommended this beautiful journey!"

  • Amazon Customer

    "Received my self care journal! It totally surpasses my expectations! The journal is completely detailed and precise on how to achieve a better you! Can't wait to get started!”

  • Savannah

    "This journal is absolutely gorgeous, from the colors, to the font style, to golden spiral spine! I also love that it focuses on both daily goals and progressive goals. Definitely recommend this journal!”

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