About Shine Sparkle Slay

About Us

Welcome to Shine Sparkle Slay: The badass, business building, boss moms with attitude headquarters! This is your place to feed your confidence, fuel your passion, and uncover lifestyle products with serious attitude! 

We are obsessed with empowering women to push themselves in whatever they want to excel at! Whether you are a side-hustling Solopreneur, an overachieving stay-at-home mom looking to add back some sass, or a woman looking to reinvent herself later in life, Shine Sparkle Slay is about all things “Get Up and Slay!


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire women around the world to feel confident, empowered and beautiful with our hand-selected products.

Offering both regular and plus sizes, we believe each style is perfected to compliment all personalities and body types. The Shine Sparkle Slay woman is a motivated, bold and driven queen who isn't afraid of the challenges in her way. Shine Spark Slay is always striving to provide exceptional quality products, settings us apart from other boutiques.


The Shine Sparkle Slay Story

Hi, I'm Stephanie, founder of Shine Sparkle Slay, and this is my story.

I am passionate, and I have a strong belief that when women come together,

incredible things can happen. Therefore, grab a glass of wine and get comfortable as I walk you through how Shine Sparkle Slay came about. I do promise to try and keep it as brief as possible, but we shall see!

From the outside, people may think that I have it all together. I am married to the most amazing husband that a girl could ever dream of having (hopefully he reads this... ha). I also have three absolutely amazing kids that are turning out to be amazing adults with hearts of gold, a zest for life, and a drive that makes this momma's heart incredibly happy.  

Sounds pretty amazing, right? I do feel incredibly blessed for where we are today. However, life has not always been unicorns and rainbows. I won't get into all of the details, but can summarize by saying that there has been a lot of money spent and time on the couch with a therapist to get me through some pretty intense things that life threw my way.

I embrace the hardships in life; the work that is took to undo a lot of the damage, as had this not been my journey, I may not be where I am today personally nor have the insights to be able to help other women - at the end of the day, this is my ultimate passion in life.

Why Now?

I have spent the last 15 years in the Corporate world as a Leader in various organizations. Through this work I have been able to tap into my passion of helping others and up until recently this fulfilled my needs.

 At the start of 2021, I began dabbling in a side hustle and this is what changed the game for me! Through this work I consistently had women, most that I didn't even know personally, message me indicating things such as  "I really needed to see what you posted today" or even ask for advice, which was incredibly humbling considering I was a complete stranger. I have to attribute my new life adventures to these women as they are the ones that INSPIRED me to get out of my comfort zone and start living my best life by doing work that I most passionate about - which again is helping women to embrace their uniqueness, build up that confidence, and SLAY GIRL!

What do I Want to Achieve with Shine Sparkle Slay

I am not a licensed professional nor can I give any advice pertaining to anything, medical. However, from my own personal life experiences, I can remember them like they were yesterday and there were days when just having a friend, having a cheerleader to push me forward, having someone to help see that "this too shall pass" is often times all that was needed .

Through Shine Sparkle Slay, I want to be that cheerleader for you and can promise you that this will be the most unique boutique that you have ever been a part of. What makes it so unique - because it began with heart; simply stated.

The Shine Sparkle Slay Name

There is a method to my madness, I promise… haha. When I decided on the name Shine Sparkle Slay, I thought about my various stages in life and how there is clear transition within them. Here is summary of my thoughts and what they each mean to me.

My Phase 1: Shine

I had physically removed myself from toxic situations. I had work to do on myself, but I was free! Temporary depression, anxiety, no self-worth, no confidence, etc. were my struggles to overcome at this time, but I was starting to SHINE! 

My Phase 2: Sparkle

I put in that work, girl! It wasn't easy, but I did it… FOR ME! Not only did I address the above, but I also went on to fulfill a lifelong dream of something I  never thought possible, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, at the age of 37, while working full-time and raising 3 kids as a  single mom for a large portion of it. I did that damn thing and I have never been more proud of myself! Your girl was SPARKLING!

My Phase 3: Slay

This is my current stage in life and for me, this is where I pay it forward. I want to inspire women that are still in my Shine and Sparkle phases and empower them to keep pushing and to get to their next milestones.  I want to inspire our future generations. I want to make mental illness not so taboo. I want to shine light on the fact that it is ok not to feel ok all the time. I want to live in a world where other women embrace this thinking and offer to lend a helping hand when there is a sister in need. This is my definition of truly being a QUEEN and this is how we SLAY!

What to Expect from Shine Sparkle Slay

Our goal is to bring you products to meet you where you are today in this journey called life.

Shine Sparkle Slay will have it all. Perhaps I find and bring to you a product to help with some anxiety that you are feeling, perhaps I INSPIRE you to be brave and try a fun new print, style, or color. Most importantly, I want you to discover YOU and BE YOU. Life is too short not to do so, my friend.

You can also expect to have the real me in all of the products selected. I am the sole buyer and hand pick everything for Shine Sparkle Slay. I can guarantee you that I am incredibly selective and there are so many things that will not, nor will ever, make the cut. Only the best of the best for my tribe!

In my mission of supporting other women, my desire is to purchase from other women entrepreneurs. This means, when you make a purchase from Shine Sparkle Slay, you also are supporting other women fulfill their lifelong dreams and to me that is such a beautiful thing, don't you agree?

Oh, and since you are getting the real me, be forewarned that my vocabulary can be, well…let's say colorful... ha! You're probably going to see this in some of my product selections. It's quite liberating to throw societal norms out the window and just be me. After all, that should be the beauty of being your own business owner, right?


Sisterhood Spotlight

We all have a story, right? Know someone with an inspiring story? Is that person you?

If chosen, your nomination will be be included in our Sisterhood Spotlight on ShineSparkleSlay.com. It's quite incredible to be a part of someone's GLOW UP and simply sharing your story with us others is all that it could take to spark something in someone else. I would so love to hear from you. Drop me an email at: sisterhoodspotlight@shinesparkleslay.com


Trade Marking

I am so confident in this journey that I have submitted documentation for actual trade marking. How cool is that!?!


Personal Coaching

Stay tuned for more info on this topic that I am super excited about!