The Sisterhood Spotlight – Women who choose to win!

Have you ever experienced the power of a bomb a$$ role model?!

Someone who you read about in the news, see in the office, see on your news feed that just LIGHTS. YOU. UP. Just the thought of them and their story drives you to be better, reach higher, and try harder!

Have you ever felt that way about someone?

Choosing the right role model can improve your life in so many ways… It can improve your outlook and attitude so much that you’re even viewed differently by people (in a good way)!

The problem? Many of us have either no role models at all, or we have the wrong role models.

In either case, we’re comparing ourselves to the wrong people. Social comparison theory from psychology tells us that we’re always comparing ourselves to someone. In fact, this is how many of us assess our own happiness and our own success.

If we weren’t comparing ourselves to others all the time, we’d be more confident and be able to tap into our higher-self more easily than ever!

Problem is, most of us are comparing ourselves to the heavily doctored and carefully selected images that are put out on social media and to the celebrities that are practically entirely fabrications.

No wonder self-esteem is the #1 aspect women like you are looking to improve!

So the scenario might well be that your sense of self-worth is coming from a comparison you are making between yourself and a celebrity who is heavily airbrushed and a billionaire.

Let’s change this right now!

Introducing the Sisterhood Spotlight! Women who are choosing to win, regardless of their situation.

Each quarter Shine Sparkle Slay is proud to highlight a woman who has seen struggles and setbacks but decided to create success for herself anyway!

If you’re in need of some feel-good inspo that will spur you to get your butt in gear going after the things you want most in life, then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Now that’s someone you can be proud to look up to!

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Now go SLAY the day, sis!

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