Sisterhood Spotlight Winter 2022 - Misty Weekley

I’m Misty… Child of God, nurse, singer, cat mom, lover of all things cosmetic (especially eyeshadow), strong and independent… but I am also imperfect. I struggle with anxiety, depression and PTSD stemming from things in my childhood.

I have been suicidal, I have felt unworthy and alone. I have to take medication to keep me in the right mindset… but, I am also an OVERCOMER. I overcame self doubt and self worth, I overcame suicide, I overcame self harm.

I overcame because I am STRONG and I have God on my side! HE pulled me out of things that nothing else could. I thank Him every day and I am so blessed that He isn’t done with me yet on this earth. There are great things in store for me. 😀

Sisterhood Spotlight


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